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Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center
Procurement Opportunities

If the agency you wish to do business with is not listed here, search the Internet for that agency’s web page, or use the links on our "Resources" page.  Once there, proceed to their "vendor" or "doing business with" or "contract opportunities" or "small business" location.  These are the ones most commonly requested, but there are many other customers for you.

Federal Agencies

  • Air Force

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment

Little Rock AFB 314th Contracting Squadron - This website is migrating to a new system; please call 501-987-3303
Sell To the Air Force
LRAFB Housing Project - vendor application


State and Local Agencies

The following sites are open to the public.


Subcontracting Opportunities


International Opportunities


If the agency you wish to do business with is not listed in the above links, search the Internet for their respective web page and, once located, proceed to their "business/contract opportunities" or "small business" location.


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