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Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center
Client Success Stories

Government Sewing and Apparel, an APAC client, wins $17,000,000 contract award. On January 11, 2006, Columbia Sewing Company, then headquartered in Magnolia, Arkansas, reported the award of a $42 million military contract to manufacture Combat Utility Uniforms for the Marine Corps. Since that time the company has transferred all of its operations to its facility in Hope, Arkansas and has competed for many awards but with limited success. In March, 2010 under its new name, Government Sewing and Apparel, LLC, the company was successful in winning a subcontract award valued at $1,750,800 from a prime contractor under an award from the U.S. Army RDECOM Contract Center. Over the course of the last decade, Government Sewing and Apparel, LLC has manufactured uniforms and other necessary clothing to supply the warfighter in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. The company has a proven track record of outstanding performance, customer service, and commitment to the community and considers its employees to be the single most valuable asset to the company. It was, therefore, no great surprise when Government Sewing and Apparel, LLC announced winning a contract award valued at $17,300,745 from the Troop Support component of the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia on May 31, 2011 to manufacture operational dress uniforms for the Coast Guard. Over the years the company has always expressed appreciation to the Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center (APAC) for the procurement technical assistance it provides to the company in its efforts to secure government contracts. Government Sewing and Apparel, LLC looks forward to continuing its efforts to sell products manufactured by the company to components of the Department of Defense.


Thanks you so very much for all of your help!!! We WON the largest of the…bids that I submitted…; I am so pleased and I know that I could not have done this without your help getting me registered in all the right places, your instructions, patience, and, finally, your help with proofing the quotes before I submitted them. Delbert Taylor has been invaluable in helping me through the whole process. Thank you Delbert, and APAC, for your help.

Judy Marendt
Jandmar International

We obtained a multi-million dollar contract from the state of New Jersey for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of an automated child support enforcement system (ACSES). Our technical solution received the evaluation team’s highest score. The technical assistance and information provided by APAC has been a valuable resource for our company.

Shiva Duvvuru
ProTech Solutions, Inc.

With encouragement from Congressman Mike Ross and help from the Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center, Columbia Sewing Company was awarded a five-year, $42.2 million Marine Corps Uniform Contract; this came on the heels of a six-month, $2.4 million military contract to produce uniforms for the Iraq National Guard.

Brian Smith
Columbia Sewing Co.

We called APAC for help in submitting a proposal for a GSA contract. After nearly a year we finally received a GSA contract. There was no communication from GSA for a long time, and I had completely given up, assuming it was a lost cause, when suddenly the contract arrived in the mail without warning. Thanks to APAC for their valuable assistance with the proposal.

Brinda Berry
Consolidated Information Systems, Inc.

We have exciting things happening at Southeast X-Ray. We have relocated our East Point Georgia radiology department. We have a new department next door to the East Point CBOC. Awesome.

Yesterday, I received a heads up from the Chief of Radiology, VA Medical Center, Decatur, Georgia. They are releasing a solicitation for radiology readings for ALL GEORGIA CBOCs. She wanted to make sure we submitted a bid! Thanks for your help with the negotiated contract we won from them last year.

We have received the contract to complete radiology readings for two private physicians (Orthopedic) in North Carolina. Looks like these may be small contracts - but consistent. Another penny in the pot! They make dollars.

I am an avid supporter of APAC. When a potential contract comes up we THINK APAC and THANK APAC.

Brenda Huntsinger, RHIT
Southeast X-Ray, Inc.
Ozark (Franklin County) Arkansas

If we did not have APAC to rely on for help…we would not be selling to the government! My APAC counselor always goes the extra mile to make sure I have the knowledge and tools necessary to do business with government agencies. APAC is a wealth of assistance. Thank You!

The newsletter is very informative. We like it. Turpin's Tips is very helpful, as well as Real People, the question and answer posed by Sue Coates in each issue.

I really like the on-line monthly reporting of contracts. Very easy and quick to do.

Picture of recipients of the Defense Supply Center Richmond Best Value Gold Award Medal for 2006 

Kathy Lacefield
Modern Chemical, Inc.

We are entirely satisfied and pleased with the excellent service provided by APAC and would like to especially commend Mr. Delbert Taylor for his unstinting help and guidance along every step.

Joel Taylor
AB Solution LLC

The newsletter provides information regarding procurement possibilities with parties that may not normally be advertised in the state of Arkansas, and it tells of others' problems and questions regarding doing work with the Government. The newsletter also includes tidbits of information regarding computer-related scams, useful websites, etc. I look forward to each issue of the Arkansas Procurement Briefing. Thank you for including me.

Larry Burnett
Robinette-Burnett Construction Co.

We are a new business start-up and are having to give more time to our existing products, which have made it incredibly difficult to get started with government contracting. We are very pleased with the service and all of those that we have worked with at APAC.

Lisa Atchley
Latch-Tec Construction, Inc.

You have an outstanding group of professionals in your organization that are dedicated to customer service in every aspect of their job. I want to thank everyone at APAC for continuing to go beyond their job responsibilities to assist people like me.

Mickey Mayland
Expected End Performance Group

I have found the APAC staff to be very friendly and tremendously helpful. They are supportive and encouraging. The resources this office provides for small businesses such as mine are priceless. I encourage other small business owners to become affiliated with APAC.

Sandra Fleming
Professional Typing Service

Our company is very proud to be an APAC client. The knowledge and resources are outstanding. We truly thank you for your support. Each APAC employee has taken a special interest in helping our company succeed.

Roy Wert
The Packaging RFID Company, Inc.

The APAC personnel do a great job of providing a much-needed service to us small business owners/managers. The newsletter is really good at informing us of contracting changes, classes, and other much needed information. Without this help it would be extremely difficult and time consuming to keep up with the constantly changing contracting procedures.

Mike Laufer
Aerotex, Inc.

APAC is an excellent resource and staffed by really helpful, knowledgeable people.

Joseph Yao
Etsuko. LLC

"APAC has been crucial in the growth of iProv.  The newsletter and the technical information that they provide has been a key to our success. We hope they get a lot of recognition but in the mean time we’ll continue to use APAC as our secret weapon."

RJ Martino
iProv, LLC

Picture of R. J Martino and their award

Most Promising Business of the Year, 2006


"Branching out into federal contracting has taken my company to a new level. APAC provided the training I needed to compete for these contracts, with everything from using the proper terms to the requirements of contracts and proposals. The training, newsletters and job leads are so helpful and terrific timesavers! With my enthusiasm, all this has resulted in a sounder company financially, larger bonding capacity, and close to double the volume of work for 2006 compared to 2005. I am now able to pay more and provide more jobs."

Martha D. Moore, Owner
McCormick Asphalt & Paving, Inc.

Picture of Martha Moore with her award

Minority Contractor of the Year, 2006

The U. S. Women's Chamber of Commerce presented the Growth Master Award to McCormick Asphalt Paving and Excavating, Inc., for achievement of significant growth in the government sector during the three years 2007-2009.

"Thanks again for all of the help you and the rest of your staff gave to us. You guys saved us a ton of money and the knowledge we gained can’t be measured."

Mr. Tommy Sproles
TEC Solutions, LLC

"The Arkansas Procurement Assistance Center is essential to my ability to bring new contractors into the federal contracting program. APAC provides the essential knowledge and skills necessary for a business to be competitive in the federal marketplace. I consider APAC a key partner with Little Rock Air Force Base in reaching out to the small business community."

Mr. Steven West
former Director of Business Operations
Little Rock Air Force Base


"Since I had never done anything resembling putting together the package for submittal to GSA, your technical support was/is invaluable, and I cannot tell you how much the Government Contracting Course helped. If not for APAC, there is no doubt in my mind that my colleagues would not have received the contract with GSA."

Ms. Lula Dickson
TriGen Consultants, LLC


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